the boy at the gym

i have been going to the gym pretty much everyday now except for Friday’s & sometimes Saturday’s. about 3ish weeks ago I saw the cutest boy there that I had seen before but never really payed him much attention. I was on the stair master literally dripping sweat & he just kept staring at me & kinda smiling but it was like I’d look up from my phone or from whatever I was doing to catch him looking at me over & over. it wasn’t a creepy stare, it was just him looking at me & when I’d catch him he would subtlety turn away & sorta grin to himself. the next day I told Nicole about him & how I thought that he was starin at me because a) I looked a mess & I was dripping sweat b) my boobs were probably hitting me in the chin or c) I had some sick nikes on. a few days went by & I would see him at the gym & not say anything to him just kinda smile & watch what he was doing when I was resting & he did the same thing to me. then I told Andrew that this boy was there one night & he had on a Harrison baseball shirt, so I had a feeling Andrew probably knew him. after I grew annoyed of Andrew asking repeatedly to send him a creeper picture of the guy I finally did. I then come to find out that it’s actually one of Andrews best friends. His name is Jacob Jones, a senior at Harrison Highschool. of course i begin to go look at Instagram & Twitter to see what kind of guy he is. he seemed nice & cute. a few more days went by & I didn’t talk to him even though I would see him there, I was too shy & I didn’t know how to begin a conversation with him. but one night while I’m doing squats on the smith machine ben Brock walks in with jacob. ben was Andrews friend that also goes to Harrison that Andrew took on spring break. I had snap chatted back & forth with ben on Andrews phone before but never had seen him in person. I didn’t say a word but I’m 99 percent sure that he recognized me. that night 4 guys followed me on Instagram. 2 of them being ben & Jacob. I of course began I freak out & yell at Andrew because I thought that he had told them to, which he denies but I’m almost positive he did. I followed all of them back & 2 hit me with that unfollow as soon as I followed back, which is so childish but anyways.. jacob didn’t. he still to this day hasn’t accepted my request to follow him. more days go by & I see him in the gym but don’t say anything to him because I don’t know what to say that wouldn’t be creepy or awkward. but finally, tonight, September 1st, I talked to him. tommy, another one of Andrews friends that I had met weeks prior, yelled across the gym “hey cameron” as I was walking out of the locker room to go warm up on the bike. I look up from my phone to see that tommy is with jacob spotting him. I walk over & said hey to tommy & then looked at jacob & said “what’s your name? I always see you in here haha” he said “jacob” & kinda smirked after it, kinda like we both know of each other & I know you think I’m fine. I then said “ohhhhh” like I had finally put the last puzzle piece in, even though I did that weeks ago. I then continued & said “you go to Harrison right?” he said “yes, I’m a senior” & I said “oh ok so do you know Andrew mezie” & he said “yeah we’re pretty good friends” & I made some dumb joke like do you hate him as much as tommy or something stupid like that because I had no idea what to say & wanted to keep talking to him. he said something along the lines of “love him some days & hate him others he’s just that type of person ya know?” & I said yeahhh & then tommy asked where Nicole was & I told him that she didn’t wanna come because she had physical therapy the next day & he was like for what & I told him her shoulder & he was like but she can’t come to the gym & I said I know I know I mean I’ve had 2 knee surgeries & during pt id still come to the gym. even though that wasnt completely true lol I remember seeing jacob out of the corner of my eye look down at my knees haha which I thought was funny & I laughed in my head then tommy asked about ethan & Nicole dating & jacob said that he used to play football with him or something then the conversation began to slow down so I said well it was really nice to meet you jacob & he said you too & smiled at me. I then got on the bike & began to think did I even say what my name was, like I know that he knows it’s cameron but did I even say my name was cameron so that he could call me that & not feel creepy & I couldn’t remember because I got so lost in his eyes, as gay as that sounds. the rest of the time I was in the gym he watched me as I did my thing & I watched him when he did his. I think it’s so stinkin cute when I look up & he’s looking in the mirror & we make eye contact through the mirror & he grins & I always just chuckle. I know that it wasn’t anything special like him telling me I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen or anything like that but it was something & it was better then the day before & that’s all that mattered to me.

now that I’m writing this & reminiscing back on what happened, I remember sitting in my car with Nicole at a red light headed to panera earlier in the day. I looked down & my phone said 4:20 & I giggled & said “make a wish it’s 4:20” Nicole said “man when I was younger I always had something to wish for, but now I can’t really think of anything” I thought to myself & agreed with her. I said “I know, me too.” I paused for a second then said “actually I wish jacob will be at the gym tonight & I actually have the balls to talk to him.”

fate man. fate is a crazy thing. so is the gym & all the cute sweaty boys that are there.