Ohhhh Luke

I have honestly never felt this way about a boy before. I guess it’s cause all the guys I’ve ever talked to don’t live 2 minutes away from me and I don’t usually get to see them everyday. Or maybe because I know that this is real between us. Things are moving really slowly, but I’m actually fine with it cause I wan things to work out between us that badly. I don’t just like you for your money, or your looks, or your goofy sense of humor. I like you for you and your personality. You are so precious and adorable to me. I’m upset that you won’t be here next year and that I could’ve known you for about 5 years or more. But that also tells me that what we have is real and true. You obviously care about me since you’ll be going off to college next year and will have so many opportunities. So knowing that makes me feel better. But I really don’t know cause this just makes me so damn happy. Every time I see you my stomach drops and I get the sudden feeling of butterflies like a little girl does. Any guy I have ever talked to don’t even compare to you. This is honestly the most I have ever liked anyone. We met on Wednesday May 7 then cause of Caitlin we started to talk the next day and have been talking since then. I always tell my friends don’t date a guy you wouldn’t see yourself marrying and having kids with. And oh baby I could see myself signing papers Cameron Hughes, I could see us going to our sons baseball games and our daughters volleyballs games. We would be the best parents, funny and laid back. I cannot wait to see where all of this goes. You make me so happy and like I can be myself around you. xoxo babes.


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