My wreck👍

Yesterday was sooo stressful. March 17, 2014 at 7:42 am. I got in a terrible car wreck, but I’m fine & the other chick is good. okay okay so I was turning left & it was yellow & the car was super super far back. & the light had been yellow for a good 4 seconds & I’m like out in the middle of the intersection & I’m like crapp I have to go, so I go & the white car speeds up & slams into the front passenger side of my car. She told the police officer she never ever saw me & so she never even hit her brakes & there’s no way she could miss my big ass car, so she obviously was texting or something. But the ass of a police officer said it’s my fault because I didn’t yield to her, even though she sped up to make it through basically an orange light hahaha & I told the cop that in driving school I learned that you have to be over the white line to be able to go on a yellow light & he said well that’s the law, but common sense is to just slow down. & I’m like bruhhhh aren’t we supposed to go by ya know the law hahaha & he’s like yeah but common sense & I’m like okay well she didn’t slow down at all, she sped up to make it through. & he says there is no way to tell if she was speeding. & I go look at my car. Her 3,000 lb Nissan piece of shit moved my 10,000 lb H1 tank across 4 lanes & made my car go up in the air. Like yeah she was definitely going 45. Whatever dick. Hahaha so I have to go to juvenile court & try to get the 3 points off of my license. Yay. Here’s the cars




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