Oh baby oh baby. It really did hurt when you broke my heart but thanks for all the inspiration you gave to me when you left. This ink is my blood and I’m hurting oh so slowly from the small piece of you that you ripped from inside my heart. I want it back & I want all of you back. This world is so damn cruel, but you were so beautiful to me. I doubt I’ll ever come across someone like you ever again. I’ll always love you drew. xx


My wreck👍

Yesterday was sooo stressful. March 17, 2014 at 7:42 am. I got in a terrible car wreck, but I’m fine & the other chick is good. okay okay so I was turning left & it was yellow & the car was super super far back. & the light had been yellow for a good 4 seconds & I’m like out in the middle of the intersection & I’m like crapp I have to go, so I go & the white car speeds up & slams into the front passenger side of my car. She told the police officer she never ever saw me & so she never even hit her brakes & there’s no way she could miss my big ass car, so she obviously was texting or something. But the ass of a police officer said it’s my fault because I didn’t yield to her, even though she sped up to make it through basically an orange light hahaha & I told the cop that in driving school I learned that you have to be over the white line to be able to go on a yellow light & he said well that’s the law, but common sense is to just slow down. & I’m like bruhhhh aren’t we supposed to go by ya know the law hahaha & he’s like yeah but common sense & I’m like okay well she didn’t slow down at all, she sped up to make it through. & he says there is no way to tell if she was speeding. & I go look at my car. Her 3,000 lb Nissan piece of shit moved my 10,000 lb H1 tank across 4 lanes & made my car go up in the air. Like yeah she was definitely going 45. Whatever dick. Hahaha so I have to go to juvenile court & try to get the 3 points off of my license. Yay. Here’s the cars