I’m saying goodbye

The song say something by a great big world is my suicide song. I hadn’t really thought much of the song until I listened to the words closely & it made me think of you. This is literally everything that will be going through my mind the day I decide to kill myself, if I don’t get better. Especially the part that says “& I will swallow my pride, you’re the one that I love & I’m saying goodbye.” That’s all i want you to know. This song is like my song to you? I don’t know. It just makes me think of you & all the shit we’ve both been through. I love you so so much. More than you will ever know or be able to fathom & comprehend. I know that we are in a weird stage of our relationship right now, but just remember that I love you no matter what & always will till the end of time & love ceases. I want the man I marry to be like you & be my best friend & there for me like you. But the song, it’s like I wrote it to you it’s so strange. Anyways, before I die I promise you’ll be the last person I talk to & I will make sure you know it’s not your fault & you did everything you could. But you will hang up knowing how much I’ve loved you all along.


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