The best nights are when you’re with the one you love, doing nothing, just trying to fight sleep and enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms and forgetting the stress brought about by your studies, families and friends. You’re not doing anything sexual and dirty, you’re just making up on all those times that you didn’t have the chance to feel each other. At the first hour, you’re just talking about those things and stories that happened to you this last few days, even your most embarrassing moments.You laugh together, and when the laughter subsides, you’ll talk about serious matter, especially things between you two. Like how you miss each other, how you’ll celebrate your anniversary, and a lot of plans for your future together.
And the next hour is quite different. There are no talking involved. You’re just staring at each other, eye to eye. No one wants to break the silence. And it’s beautiful. It seems like you’re memorizing each other and you’re sinking on the depth of each other’s gazes. It’s a different kind of eye contact because it involves a very powerful feeling, love. You’re reading each other’s thoughts and looking at each other’s souls. Your inside thoughts are communicating and only you two can explain what are they talking about.
And it’s not just your eyes that are doing the job. Because your fingers interlocked with each other are also having a connection of its own. Like no one wants to let go. Like it’s glued together and separating them will not be that easy. Your chest is getting heavy. And thousands of realizations will hit you at the moment. You love each other for real. Sparks are everywhere. What a wonderful night. For a moment, you feel like you own the whole world. Because you’re with that someone you love.