We’re only dreamers

I really needed last night. When we were walking to Elizabeth’s car to get her blanket I couldn’t help but hold onto you the whole way there. I was freezing all night, but whenever I touched you I became overwhelmed & my heart racing made me forget about it. Once we made it to the car, with Elizabeth & PJ, once we all got in the car I knew that it would be a good night. After the whole night of cuddling in the back of her car with the heat on full blast, tricking dyson, & basically playing are you nervous the whole night, I realized that I do still like you. I try to deny it to everyone, but I can’t do it anymore. I know that deep down I always will. I don’t know if you want to be friends with benefits, just friends, or date but I wish I did know. Anyways, last night after the game I had a dream. A dream that you came over to my house & we slept together & had the most wonderful nights of our lives. But it was only just a dream. But you know what they say about dreams…a dream is a wish your heart makes while your fast asleep & also that if you dream about someone they went to sleep thinking about you. Both of those things just kind of comforted me because I know deep down that I want to do more with you & be more but I won’t admit it to myself & knowing that maybe you thought about me before you fell asleep just reassured me that maybe just maybe you do care about me the same way I care about you. & know that I’ll always be here with open arms waiting for you to come running to me. I’m waiting for the day you realize you love me the same way & as much as I love you.


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