I’m not loved in this place

I really just want to leave without looking back or thinking twice. I wish I could start all over again & make different choices. I’d be a whole better without half of you that are in my life. I want to have a good reputation & be that girl everyone wants to be, but lets face it no one will ever want to be like the girl who cried herself to sleep every night because no one is there for her. The girl who just wants to end her life because of the stress she’s going through. The girl that no one believes & doubts she would ever think about harming herself. That girl who is dying inside her flesh but everyone thinks she says it to get attention. Why would anyone ever want to be like me. I don’t even trust anyone anymore because everyone lies to me & thinks it’s okay. This is why I want to start over. Maybe just end it forever & not even try to start over. Because if I tried to start over I would just screw it all up again.


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