Bye beautiful babies😘

As I think about leaving this life, I start to get upset because I know how much I’d hurt everyone & I don’t want them hurt. I have such a big heart & I’ve done nothing but try to help everyone & I’m so sweet to anyone I come in contact with…well sometimes haha but..this is how I get repaid. It’s not fair. No one could have done anything differently or said anything to me to not make me feel like this. I’m barely hanging on. I’ve been hanging on for about a year now but I’m ready to let go. My arm is getting tired & so sore, like my head & heart from gripping on so tight & holding on to every last word of someone. I’m done hiding everything in my mind from everyone. Sooner or later I’m gonna let go & there’s not going to be a thing you can do to stop me. I love every single one of my friends, my family to pieces even though it doesn’t seem like it & people who’ve given me advice but I just feel like I’d be doing everyone a favor if I did finally let go. If I let go though you have to know that it’s not your fault & no one should blame themselves. It’s me all me. It’s my decision no one persuaded me to think these kind of things. I just want to end my pain. There’s nothin I can think of that can make me happy. I’ve tried everything there is & nothing helps. I just want it to be over already. It sounds so bad to be suicidal as a teenager, but it’d make it much easier on everyone. I appreciate everything everyone has ever done for me, but I just think I’m holding everyone back from their potential so I’m doing yall a favor. I love you all to pieces. Xoxo cami


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