My imperfections

I’m stubborn. I over think everything. I’m always sorry, even if I didn’t do anything. I’m clingy. I don’t have a good body. I gossip too much. I think terrible thoughts. I care too much. I judge people too fast. I block people out of my life who are trying to help me. I say things I shouldn’t. I’m cocky. I have really bad anxiety, but no one knows. I lie every time someone asks me if I’m okay. I only have a few friends because I was mean & pushed all the others away. I get mad really easily. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning. I lie a lot. I get jealous easily. I look like a completely different person with makeup. I suck at most things I do. I’m very overprotective. I miss people that I shouldn’t. I try too hard. I fall for people too fast & too hard. I’m not friends with the right group at school. My relationship with God is down to nothing. I look towards the wrong solutions. I hate when people hate me. I don’t like it when people judge me. I’m very self conscious. There’s so many other things…


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