Dearrr John…

You are the sweetest guy I will ever meet in my life. You are so incredibly hilarious, & you can make light of any situation. I smile whenever I’m around you. Even if I’m pissed at the world, somehow you always know what to say to turn my whole day around. You are the only person I know that can do this to me. I can tell you anything without hesitating, because I know I can trust you with whatever is on my mind. You never tell anyone or judge me for what I’ve done or my thoughts. Although I’ve failed you many many times before, you always forgive me & never get upset with me. Even when I do the dumbest things, things that would make most people hate someone, you always just forgive me willingly every time. I don’t know another person who does this. I can be myself around you & you don’t care, no matter how weird I am. Advice. Oh my goodness. You always give me the best advice. I personally think that you should be a therapist or whatever. Haha no matter what my deal is, whatever you tell me to do always helps so much. I trust you with my life basically. I think you’ve had to do something with what I said or did in every bad situation I got myself into, & you never judged me (: you’re that person that I would call at 3:30 in the morning crying after a bad breakup, or something that had happened. I know that you would answer & talk to me until I quit crying or fell asleep or whatever. You put everyone before yourself & no one gives you enough credit. People judge you because of your past & your actions, which frustrates me to no end. What you do does not affect your personality & I don’t get how people don’t understand that. All these stuck up people never gave you a chance to get to know you like I did. I don’t know where I would be in life right now if I didn’t have you as a friend or your guidance or how much of an inspiration you are. I probably would have killed myself or I’d be super depressed. You’ve always looked at me the same & you make me feel so much better about myself. Whenever people talk crap about you I get so protective because I care about you so much & it hurts me when I here people saying things about my best friend that they don’t even know what really happened. You don’t even care what people say, which inspires me to be that kind of person. Even though I get judged for hanging out with you and still being best friends, I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. You have given me so much to hold on to. I care alot what people think of me, which you know the most of anyone. But the only thing in life that I don’t care about is what people think of me because you’re my best friend. I couldn’t care any less what people think of me because of you. I know you think you’re pulling my reputation down, but you’re not at all! & even if you were, I wouldn’t care because I would never quit talking to you because of what people think of me. I am too close to you to leave you for that or anything. I don’t care what anyone says, you are the most thoughtful & loving person. I thought that when you switched schools that we would grow apart & barely talk, but I think it’s been the complete opposite. Which makes me so happy. I have had some of my deepest conversations with you & you always know exactly what to say to me to cheer me up. There are so many more things I can’t name that make you the person you are & the person I love. I will never forget all of the memories I’ve made with you & I cannot wait to make many more with you. I love you to the moon and back. No I just love you to no end. I cannot express how much I love you or how much you mean to me in my life. I will never be able to repay you for how you have changed me. I used to take everything so seriously, & slowly you’re helping me realize that I shouldn’t care so much & do what I want & what I love. You’ve taught me that even when you screw up to still hold my head high. Your walk with Christ inspires me cause I’ve been struggling for a little while now, thinking things I shouldn’t & doubting Him. But you still love The Lord with all your heart & I can see God’s light shining through you everyday. You’ve always been there more me no matter what & I’m sorry that I haven’t been the same for you. I haven’t been as trustworthy or loyal. & I am so sorry. I’m working on it I promise. I could go into sooo many more things, but it’s probably getting boring and a little too lengthy. I would not be the person I am today without you. You have impacted my life so much. I cannot fathom or put into words how much I love you, but it’s a ton. xoxox ❤




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