California wishful dreaming

Thanks for making me feel like I was worth something for a bit. I will never forget that feeling. I will never forget you either. You were my light that summer. You saying we can never talk again so you won’t fall in love again breaks my, already shattered to pieces, heart. But, if it will make you happy then I will sacrifice for you. Just don’t forget me & that I will be here no matter what. I have always loved you & will keep loving you until the day I die & am buried in that nasty, dark, eery, coffin. I will still love you when my soul drifts away to heaven. I’ll get to meet Cory there & we will talk about you & the amazing life you’re living & how you are glorifying God. I would never trade meeting you for anything. You made me a much bette person & helped me realize all the amazing things i’m blessed with that are right in front of me. There is no way that I could ever forget you. You will always hold a piece to my heart. & for some reason, I’m okay with that. Only because I know that way you won’t forget me either & the way we impacted each others life that summer. I’ll love you forever & always darling ❤





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