To my beautiful Cameron

Hello my darling!
You are one lovely girl, ya know that? Just reading through these posts got me thinking about how incredible you are. And how you are always seeming to impress me. Well to start of when you write about a general topic, every word flows so beautiful on the screen and I give you my utmost compliments. Second off, there are some posts about you being sad and hurt, and that breaks my heart. Especially the one you posted that said “why should I love my self when no one else does?” I love you. m”And I want you to always remember this quote: “love when you are ready not when you are lonely”. Cameron never sell yourself short of a love that I know you deserve. You are sound asleep next to me somewhere far off in dreamland and I’m quite close to entering with you as my eyelids fill with heavy sleep. Soon your soul with be free and love with consume you. On days that you feel despair imagine the times when you’re soul with be free and full of love that spreads throughout your body all the way to your toes.
Good night beautiful,


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