Ohhh Tina.

guy best friends, they’re supposed to be like your big brother. they aren’t supposed to hurt you like your lovers do. they are supposed to protect you and you should be able to tell them everything. you can trust them with anything. with you and i, we must have taken the wrong road somewhere because i don’t know how our friendship ended up tattered and in flames like it is. you tell me that i’ve changed, but i’m not the only one. you can tell me whatever you want and you expect me to be okay. you make me feel that i’m worthless and our friendship never meant anything to you. you think that telling me you don’t want to try to fix our relationship is not going to make me cry every night, you’re wrong. i tell you that i miss you, but you don’t care. you don’t care about me at all anymore. i try and try and try to fix it all. it’s been so long, it’s pointless. we were so close, how could this happen. you were supposed to be here for me until the end. usually girls are the ones who do stupid crap like this and start a bunch of drama. with you, it’s different. i don’t understand. we’ve been close for over 3 years now. we’re close to each others families. how could this be hapening. you say we’ve grown apart. you say i’ve changed too much and i’m not who i used to be. im sorry. sorry that i’ve always been here for you. sorry that we skyped countless hours every weekend. sorry that i wasted all of your time. sorry for being myself..



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