This is what my best friend thinks stars are. I can’t help but think that it is adorable. Stars to her are secrets. Secrets that only come out at night, like the girl who is cutting herself because she doesn’t think that she is pretty enough, or the guy who is gay who is sobbing his eyes out for not being normal like the rest of us. The secrets that only come out at night because they have been hiding away the whole day. These secrets are shown at night while everyone is sleeping and not paying attention to them. No one realizes or takes the time to even be thankful for these stars. Stars are beautiful in many ways. They light up the moon lit sky. These people who have secrets and try to hide them away from everyone all come out at night. We can learn many lessons from stars. They can teach us to be thankful and realize how truly blessed we are. We can learn from them that we are all loved equally by our father in heaven. Secrets only come out at night while no one is watching, like stars..


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